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Here fantasy and sweetness are at home. I opened my first store in July 2021 in beautiful Naples, Italy. I have been traveling in Italy for decades because I love this country, I love sweets, the sea and the sun in Italy. However, I still lacked something particular in this country. My love for donuts has not yet been realized here. As a result, I gave vent to my imagination and I got the idea of ​​opening a donut shop in Naples to sweeten this beautiful city even more.

A few words about our donuts

Through our imagination of how we make beautiful fluffy and colorful donuts, we have created over 60 different variations of donuts. But that's not all! Through our imagination we will invent new variations for you every day।

Nasce così il nome Fantasy Donuts.

After the long search for a partner who could cook donuts with the original American taste for us and who could also meet our high quality standards, we can finally start making our own Donuts with delicious fillings and toppings.
Plus, we create personalized Donuts cakes for every celebration and let our imagination run wild!